Get off the beaten path and find the breathtaking landscapes, little hillside villages, and secret corners of the cities of history and art. For a weekend or an indefinite period of time, let us take you, alone or with friends, to the remote and lesser-known destinations that will make your trip an escape like none other. Time is not relevant: the memories will last forever.

Suggestions you’d never expect

Lose yourself in culture and traditions. We will combine a magnificent display of architecture, landscapes and flavors that will captivate you and stay with you forever.

Your own travel ideas

Whether you’re in search of uninhibited fun or a cultural journey through iconic historical sites, a solo excursion or a countryside tour, we’ll suggest the perfect path for your trip.

Be moved

From the moment of departure until your return home, every detail will be thought-out and personalized. All you have to do is lose yourself in the journey.