Italian Allegria combines the best features of unique products and Italian culinary traditions. Through private show cooking and local food and wine tours, we open your eyes to new flavors.

Michelin star or grandma’s kitchen?

Italy’s gastronomic identity is found here: both in the fine dining of Michelin-starred restaurants and in the kitchen of an Italian “nonna” and her handmade pasta. Lose yourself in the satisfaction of exploration, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Italy at home

Bring Italy home to you wherever you live. An intimate dinner with a private chef or an event where cuisine and ingredients are the main attraction: both will satisfy every desire.

Learn the art of cooking

Discover the secrets that have made Italian cuisine and its wines famous around the world. From your home or within Bella Italia, our chefs and sommeliers will guide you through the techniques of cooking and wine tasting. Whether it’s for a children’s party or one for the adults, everyone will enjoy the tastes and traditions of one of Italy’s greatest treasures.