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Tie The Knot In The Bel Paese With The Help Of Italian Allegria By Cristina Rocco

Italian style and sophistication will make your wedding a most memorable day, thanks to the support of Italian Allegria by Cristina Rocco!

Often did I feel myself surrounded by the perfumes of orange and lemon groves, which blew from the hills, enticing and calling me to Italy. Once even in the golden twilight I saw the young Spring God, large as life, standing on the summit of an Alp. Flowers and laurels surrounded his joyful head and with smiling eyes and merry mouth he cried, “I love thee- seek me in Italy!” (Heinrich Heine)

The charisma radiated by the beautiful country of Italy is simply incredible. For centuries it has attracted poets, writers, artists, and lovers. For every person that visits Italy, there is nothing more rewarding than experiencing its many wonders and transforming their encounters into art, poetry, photography, or just priceless memories. It is no wonder why so many couples choose to tie the knot in this wonderful land – what could make an already amazing experience more incredible than getting married in magnificent Italy?

Italian Allegria has made it their mission to give everyone the opportunity to experience their dream wedding amongst the breath-taking landscapes, incredible cuisine, and all the centuries of priceless history, art, and culture that make Italy.

For nearly twenty years, the Italian Allegria team has been organizing unique events throughout the Bel Paese, from the romantic Dolomites to the glittering Amalfi Coast, (where this wedding planner is based), from the shores of Lake Maggiore to the splendid private homes of noble Italian families, there is no city or picturesque setting that has not been a beautiful backdrop to a special wedding.

Italian Allegria offers the best network of contacts that couples and their guests could dream of – for example, how does having your wedding catered by a Michelin Star chef sound? The chef would plan a genuine Italian menu based on traditional home cooking and make with locally sourced ingredients. Every detail of the dinner will be designed to surprise and leave each of your guests breathless; they will always remember your wedding; you can be sure of that!

In the weeks leading up to the big day, Italian Allegria will work hard to make sure that everything is perfect. Everything will be exactly as planned, from the setting up at the location, the decorations, and the music, to the hairstylist, the photographer, the florist, right down to the boutonnières. The couple will be well looked after, and absolutely everything will go according to plan: smoothly and flawlessly. The couple will experience a stress-free wedding, just as they should.

For a fairy-tale wedding in the country of your dreams, rely on the best professionals in the business – Italian Allegria by Cristina Rocco guarantee you a wonderful day and many priceless memories.