Second wedding bon ton
Maggio 11, 2020
Our Special Offers for YOU!
Luglio 8, 2020
Second wedding bon ton
Maggio 11, 2020
Our Special Offers for YOU!
Luglio 8, 2020

What's going through your head?

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Find your Perfect hair accessory by answering these 10 questions, only apparently off topic!

The literary character you would slap? 

  1. Dorian Gray.
  2. The witch of Hänsel and Gretel. As a child I was afraid, now I would tell her four.
  3. Elisabeth Bennet. If you were a work of art?
  4. Juliet's father. What could poor Romeo have done to him?
  5. The nun of Monza. So young and yet so rigid. 

Your musical icon is?

  1. Celine Dion A timeless voice.
  2. Taylor Swift. Her songs energize me
  3. Luciano Pavarotti: Opera is unbeatable
  4. Sam Smith most romantic songs ever
  5. The Rolling Stones. The band that marked the the history of rock'n'roll

Your dream prince charming? 

  1. First of all a gentleman
  2. He will make-up with a box of chocolates
  3. Will treat me like a princess
  4. Would tell me everything with with a flower,
  5. Drives a motorcycle

If you were a Masterpiece? 

  1. A Greek sculpture, perfection of shapes.
  2. An eighteenth century’ portrait: love imagine the stories behind those perfect faces. 
  3. A Japanese vase with golden décor
  4. A Serault painting: something so romantic in its simplicity
  5. A contemporary installation

Your perfume is? 

  1. Chanel No. 5. It was my grandmother's and Marilyn's favorite.
  2. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.
  3. Iris of Acqua di Parma. Delicate and elegant.
  4. Eternity by Calvin Klein.
  5. Opiun by Yves Saint Laurent. I am crazy about prickly glaromas.

Your daily mantra ?

  1. Don't do tomorrow what you could do today.
  2. Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are.
  3. Those who despise buy.
  4. Never say never.
  5. Life is one: enjoy it.

The movie you can’t stop watching?

  1. A classic   timeless. 
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The most beautiful fairy tale. 
  3. The king's speech. A true story that
  4. Love insomnia. The romantic 90s movie for
  5. Pulp Fiction. An action-packed film

The place to escape? 

  1. An old house in the flowery English countryside.
  2. An amusement park open 24 hours a day.
  3. A castle in the south of France.
  4. A deserted beach.
  5. A metropolis full of news.

The best gift? 

  1. Something useful.
  2. A book that will make me dream
  3. A precious jewel.
  4. Many red roses.
  5. A pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Your dream evening dress?

  1. Long, red, Valentino.
  2. Elegant and fun, Miu Miu.
  3. A masterpiece of Alexander McQueen haute couture
  4. Alice Temperley's romantic flowers
  5. Black, long ith corset from Saint Laurent


RESULTS, if you had a Majority of

1. You are a classic and a little "old-fashioned" woman.  You live in the present but, when you feel sad, you prefer to take refuge in memories.  Who does not know you, at first glance finds you reserved and a little mysterious.  So the veil is exactly what you need.



2.  Your dreamy girl soul accompanies you during the frenzy of everyday life.  Between a commitment and the other, you don't give up having fun and taking some time for yourself.  As a child you wanted to be like Cinderella.  The bow (FIOCCO) is the best choice.

3. You are so elegant that they could mistake you for a plainclothes character from The Crown. As a child you dreamed of living in a castle and imagined a prince on a white horse. Maybe it did not go exactly like that, but on your yes day nobody takes it away.  Tiara for you


  1. You are a born dreamer, it is always spring within you. You know all the names of the flowers by heart and over time you take care of your garden. Why not wear it in your hair even on the altar?  Flowers! Choosing it for you will be a walk. 


  1. Romantic, but with a rock spirit. You like to dare, and you do it with eclectic accessories and clothes that allow you to express your creativity, to show everyone who you really are. Then indulge yourself, there is a world out there. Choos a clip