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Ottobre 18, 2019
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Febbraio 10, 2020

A top Italian chef in your kitchen!

italian chef

Taste the difference and enjoy the
luxury of an Italian chef cooking in your kitchen!

    Your chef directly from Milano
    Best ingredients will be flying with their chef.
    Milano is the Italian town with top chefs and restaurants.

    Your chef directly from Sicily
    Best fish and seafood will be flying with their chef.
    Just fished in the morning, on your table the same evening.
    Enjoy a private dinner at your home with your family or friends, cooked by our Italian chef and decorated by our event designer.

    Let us create the mood and theme for the evening.

    Your job? Enjoy a superb menu with your guests, including our wine selection.

    Your chef for the evening will not only cook, but also reveal some of his secrets, telling stories of extraordinary wines and foods that make each course special.

    Let yourself be inspired by Italian Allegria!