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Sailing along the Amalfi Coast and Ponza
Maggio 22, 2019
This Christmas do something special
Giugno 10, 2019

Unique Apulia, make your own tomato sauce

apulia tomato sauce

    Live your exclusive experience in Apulia!

    Only with Italian Allegria you can learn how to prepare the real tomato sauce under the guidance of an Italian grandmother. A centuries-old tradition that you can experience first-hand in one of the most fascinating regions of Italy.

    Discover all the secrets and wonders of Apulia, from the cuisine to the crystal-clear waters of its sea.
    It’s the perfect place for a family vacation or a few days’ getaway.
    What: Culture, blue sea, Italian food, cooking experience
    Where: Apulia
    When: June to September (tomato sauce), food and wine all year round
    Who: Friends, family
    Why: Family vacation, a special weekend