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Trick or chic? The most terrific Halloween tables


Whether you celebrate or not, Halloween is an excellent opportunity to gather friends around a table decorated in an unusual and fun way and play with decorations creating a special Halloween atmosphere. Therefore, Halloween can be a good excuse to bring out some Italian Allegria inspiration for creating frighteningly beautiful tables!

Halloween tables play with the principal autumn color, orange, combined with more basic colors such as white and black, leaving space for classic touches and jokes. The symbol most synonym with this festivity is the pumpkin. The possibilities and suggestions are many and vary in color, type and size of the pumpkin used, using it as a magnificent centerpiece or a placeholder, giving a special touch to your table.

You can start with the simplest composition on a base of autumn leaves featuring one main pumpkin, up to the entire table being covered with smaller ornamental pumpkins and other natural elements in autumn colors. Alternatively, you can play with trays to be filled with small pumpkins, branches and decorative elements. Given the very showy color of pumpkin orange, the best idea is to combine very natural tones such as white, cream, the same orange, champagne and some touches of green. When choosing colors, always keep in mind pumpkin is to be emphasized both in shape and color making it stand out compared to the rest therefore, avoid additional showy decorations in too strong colors.

If you are more romantic, you can try alternating a mix of pumpkins with candles or even integrating flowers. Thanks to its round shape, the pumpkin can be opened and carved out to obtain a vase where you can put a flower arrangements or candles creating a wow effect.

The gilded or glittered pumpkins are very chic, and yet very simple to realize. You will need pumpkins to be sprinkled with glue and then dusted with gold or black glitter, for a shimmering effect which will leave your guests speechless. With the smaller pumpkins you can do the same and use them as a placeholder or leave them “natural” and write directly on the peel the initial or the full name of your guests.

If you can’t give up the darker side of the Halloween party, go with a Gothic theme. Therefore, select items that are black, retro and has a Victorian style. For this, place several black decorative elements on your table and if you want to find other colors to alternate with opt ​​for gray, red, purple and in the latest trends white. The effect created should be very vampiric and elegant at the same time. Hence, focus on black lace rather than marked spider webs, and if you want a natural element choose black pumpkin or flowers painted in dark (or even dry flowers) or scarlet tones.

A few features are enough, and your home will take on a decidedly welcoming aspect that will help convince even Halloween skeptics. Spend a lovely evening enjoying pumpkins, removing the fear of celebrating Halloween.

Looking for last minute ideas for Halloween decorations?

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