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Tuscia, Discovering the Secret Treasures of Hidden Italy

On the beautiful Italian peninsula, there are places less known revealing real hidden treasures and surprising you with fantastic unexpected experiences.

In the northernmost part of Lazio, close to Umbria and Tuscany, nature reigns supremely in a wild and wooded area. It is the enchanting Tuscia Viterbese, a unique area with a very high biodiversity present but also known for its historical lifestyle, in beautiful villages, palaces and historic houses, in museums and archaeological areas. During fall, enjoying the natural beauty of the autumn foliage is a must!

In the heart of Tuscia Torre Alfina a fairy-tale village rises, evoking an atmosphere of other times with its narrow streets and stone houses. Counted among the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, Torre Alfina is dominated by the beauty of its Castle. An imposing manor house with neo-gothic features with four towers and high stone walls, is often chosen as a wedding location due to its elegance.

Around the village of Torre Alfina and its Castle, there is a magical place transporting you to a fairytale. Here nature is displayed in all its beauty, the Bosco Monumentale del Sasseto. Not just any forest area, but an earthly deciduous forest with lava rocks where mosses cover volcanic boulders and lush ferns emerge in every corner among century-old trunks, giving a fairytale atmosphere. A hidden treasure of Tuscia that has been named “Bosco di Biancaneve” by National Geographic and among “the 20 enchanted places of Italy” by the prestigious magazine “Swide”, the Dolce & Gabbana Luxury magazine.

Inside the forest there is a neo-Gothic mausoleum housing the remains of the Marquis Edoardo Cahen, to whom we owe the merit of such a splendid location. The marquis, a banker of Belgian origin, arrived in Torre Alfina in 1880 and loved this wild place and decided to transform it and make it respectfully accessible. He turned it to an enchanted place by completely restructuring the castle and creating a maze of paths in the marvelous forest which up till then had been a harsh and inaccessible place.

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