Okay, done deal!
Ottobre 12, 2018
Fresh fish, a family story
Ottobre 12, 2018
Okay, done deal!
Ottobre 12, 2018
Fresh fish, a family story
Ottobre 12, 2018

An Italian dress with your name on it

Italian Tailor

"I grew up around pieces of fabric and pins. When my grandfather worked, I spent my days in the dress shop with him, to figure out his secrets. Every dress, shirt or piece of clothing is a new, unique project. The first thing I do when a client arrives is to listen to their story, this is the starting point of every creation of mine. "In Italy, your dress bears your name.

Italy, tailored to you

Discover a unique country with a thousand possibilities, and do it your way. Explore unknown corners and magical places, with Italian Allegria you can build a truly tailor-made experience in Italy. Find out everything we can do for you.

Personal shopping

From the most prestigious boutiques, to up and coming fashion designers, from the big players to small producers, with the Italian Allegria personal shoppers, discover the trends and excellences of Bella Italia.
  • Fashion and design
  • Tailors
  • Wine and culinary excellences

Italian culture

Italy is a fantastic continuous discovery, a country rich in history and culture in every corner as well as contemporary. Not only Rome, Venice, Florence, with Italian Allegria discover small villages and magical places that often not even Italians know.

  • Customized discovery routes
  • Expert and local guides
  • Exclusive experiences and locations


With Italian Allegria everything is possible, we will plan every detail of your trip optimized to fulfil and anticipate your wishes. Our goal is to make the best experience possible for you.

  • Personalized experiences
  • Complete organization
  • We make your wishes come true