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ottobre 4, 2018
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Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

Matera is located between Puglia and Calabria, in the wonderful region of Basilicata, in southern Italy. It’s sitting beautifully on a canyon eroded by the small river, Gravina. Considered one of the oldest cities in the world, it is known as the Underground City for its old town, the renowned “Sassi”, whose dwellings were caves dug into the tuff.

Today the “Sassi” are home to luxury hotels and relais managed by the same families who, in times of poverty, lived in the ancient city. In fact, in the ’50s the Italian government evicted the families who lived there, and the caves remained uninhabited. The Sassi of Matera were revived when UNESCO declared the city “World Heritage”. Matera’s fame has increased all over the world thanks to Mel Gibson who chose them as a set of the renowned film “The Passion”, displaying the spectacular and uniqueness of this ancient place. Mel Gibson made statements about Matera to an American newspaper, admitting he “literally lost his mind” having found the “perfect” scenario for his film.

The fascinating landscape and the richness of culture, history and art have designated Matera as European Capital of Culture for 2019, a title returning to Italy 15 years later, after Genoa in 2004.If you are looking for an authentic traditional Italian atmosphere, Matera is the right place, you will simply love it! Ancient buildings, villas and wonderful relais’ in the heart of the city or in the Sassi area will be the setting for your event. At the same time, hotel and luxury B & B will host your guests in the heart of the “ancient Rioni”, the Italian name for the Sassi district. Small and unexpected terraces and corners with stunning views will surprise you with their comfort and charm.

Matera could be perfect for a unique and romantic wedding in Southern Italy.

Let yourself be inspired by Italian Allegria. Let’s make your wedding magic!