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The Top 5 Italian Beach Wedding Venues

Italy is one of the most enchanting and perfect destinations for a beach wedding. Crystal clear sea, golden beaches and exclusive resorts are the perfect ingredients for the wedding of your dreams. The coasts to the east, south and west of Italy, offer a fantastic backdrop for your ceremony, with its hidden bays and clear blue waters and accompanied by the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The beloved Amalfi Coast provides spectacular venues for year around weddings with its extraordinary scenery, mountain sea side cliffs descending into the Mediterranean Sea. Amalfi Coast weddings let you savour the authentic flavours of Southern Italy while you celebrate your nuptials in ancient monasteries, luxurious coastal villas or a five-star hotel.

Another enchanting region to celebrate your wedding is on the beaches of Sardinia, offering Caribbean-style beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. You can even spot a migratory flamingo on the fine white sand wet by the clear and glittering water!

Sicily is extraordinary, historic and fascinating. This beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea offers spectacular landscapes, heavenly beaches overlooking the ocean and majestic mountains, including the magnificent Etna volcano. You will fall in love with this magical island, the ancient Trinacria, a land of ancient civilizations and centuries-old traditions. Sicily makes the ideal setting for your wedding event providing you the very best for your senses.

Liguria offers beautiful locations from East to West. It is an exceptionally romantic region, where the intense blue color of the water and the salty wind are the ideal setting for a wonderful wedding. In Cinque Terre the scent of the sea breeze mixes with that of vineyards. The bright colors of the houses overlooking the sea merge with the intense reflections of the water. In Portofino, with its luxury and exclusive atmosphere between land and sea, you will find the perfect location for your dream wedding.

Puglia in Southern Italy is a fascinating region full of beautiful landscapes and traditions. Renowned for its warm hospitality and wonderful beaches that stretches for over 800 km. Puglia offers a festive welcome to the newlyweds and guests at its beautiful “masserie”, traditional noble houses transformed into five-star hotels. All surrounded by romantic olive groves that can host a spectacular outdoor wedding ceremony or an informal and relaxing banquet. A wedding in Puglia will remain in the heart forever!

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