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Italy is Home to the World’s Best Restaurant

Italian culinary excellence triumphs! Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana is awarded the best restaurant in the world. The Italian chef received the prestigious award at the Palace of Congresses in Bilbao, Spain, which hosted “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” award ceremony. The evening, considered as the Oscars of International Gastronomy, is organized every year by the British magazine “Restaurant”.

Massimo Bottura, esteemed and recognized internationally, is famous for his contemporary cuisine but also for his social commitment. The latest charitable project is the Food for Soul Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed to fight food waste and create community kitchens available to the needy around the world. Massimo Bottura strongly conveyed a message of solidarity with the project to all the chefs present during the award speech. Present at his side was Lara Gilmore, his wife and partner and also the creative mind behind their successes, Gilmore is in charge of marketing and communication.

The Osteria Francescana was born in the heart of the historic center of Modena, the city where Bottura was born and raised. The restaurant, with its twelve tables with ironed tablecloths and polished silver, represents Italian hospitality and a world class Italian chef reinventing Italian culinary traditions. Chef Bottura reinterprets precious family traditions inspired by his Italian “nonna” Ancella’s Emilian “sfoglia”, following his passion for innovation, art and contemporary design. Refined tasting menus and a la carte menu, modern and impeccable preparation techniques and a refined mise en place designed by Richard Ginori, makes the sensory experience offered by the Osteria Francescana unique.

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