Zurich Pride Festival 2017: no fear to be you

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No fear to be you: this is the slogan of Zurich Pride Festival 2017, one of the most important and celebrated Gay Pride of the world. This will be a fundamental year for the Zurich Pride Festival because of the rising of intolerance in many nations and some recent political turnover.

In these times of troubles, Zurich Pride Festival’s message is more important than ever: don’t be ashamed of being who you are, do not live in fear, express yourself and seek unity to defend your rights.
These principles do not only apply to LGBT but to anyone, with particular regard to all the minorities and people who are persecuted.

This two-day festival will be held in the center of Zurich, in a zone easily reachable from the main station. The Kasernenareal/Zeughaushof area will attract thousands of participants from all over Europe and anyone can enter free of charge to attend the many events scheduled. Beside the shows, concerts and speeches, the area will host many drink and food stands as well as information points.

Opening hours will be Friday, June 9th 2017 from 4.00pm to midnight and Saturday, June 10th 2017 – 2.00pm to midnight.

The real heart and soul of these two days will be, as always, the march. The meet up will be at Münsterhof, 8001 in Zurich on Saturday and, after some speeches, the march will start at 2.00 pm: it usually last for about three hours. It is a colorful, happy and inclusive event and everybody who cares for human rights, peace, unity and love is invited to attend this great celebration.

The entire week of the festival is full of parties and events: many celebrities from the show business as well as personalities from the political and cultural worlds will attend the Zurich Pride Festival. For a full list of all the places to go and the events of those two days you can visit the official site of the festival.

As the same website report, “there are now more people fleeing from war, civil unrest, persecution, torture, and other life-threatening situations than at any other time since World War II”. Now it is the time to make a stand and take action, and the Zurich Pride Festival is a great occasion to do so while having great fun along with many people of all lifestyles.

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