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Rome, Venice, Florence: everywhere you look Italy is full of art, history, great cuisine, marvelous landscapes and friendly people. Every tourist knows it as one of the best countries in the world for great holiday.

Being in a world-known destination has the price tag of always crowded cities, where it’s harder and harder to find some great spot for an exclusive and luxurious vacation.

Italian Allegria helps people discovering Italy and, in our continuous effort to offer you unique places, we now present five fantastic destination which are a little out of the radar, where you can enjoy the beauty without the stress of the crowd.

Marina di Pisciotta

Marina di Pisciotta is a little medieval village on a hill in the southern region of Campania. Pisciotta is rich of charm, with pastel-painted houses, little chapels and churches, narrow alleyways and small squares, where you will find yourself traveling back in time to a simpler and richer life.
You will taste the richness of the local cuisine and in Marina di Pisciotta you will find some of clearest seawater in Mediterranean and beautiful beaches.


While the most notorious coastal towns of the Cinque Terre, in Liguria, are full of every kind of tourists, Portovenere is yet to be fully discovered and it is still peaceful and quiet, given that it has no railway access. Prepare yourself for an exclusive experience, between colorful houses, secluded beaches and some of the best seafood of the entire country.

Lake Iseo

Let’s jump from the sea to the lake to recommend Lake Iseo, in Lombardy. While many tourists opt for the bigger and well known Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda, you will find that Lake Iseo offers a great combination of beautiful and peaceful coastal villages. The area is also rich of great nightlife with the cities of Brescia and Bergamo very close and has the biggest lake island in Europe, Monte Isola, a quiet place given the facts that there are no cars on it.


Treviso is another hidden gem: you will find it close to Venice (20 miles more or less), it’s a little walled medieval city rich of narrow, ancient streets, little canals that conveys a quieter charm, much different from the Venice ones. In Trento, you will feel the long history of this town, founded before the Roman Empire, and you will discover an original and less know regional cuisine.



We end this article with Matera, a town that is so unique that UNESCO put it in its World Heritage List. Half a century ago Matera was a really poor town, with people living in its notorious “Sassi”, a honeycomb of cave dwellings in a ravine close to the town, with more than 150 cave-churches. The Sassi is perhaps the most famous troglodyte settlement in Europe and now has returned to life with hotels, cafés and restaurant, in a striking balance between past and present, with no doubt one of the most peculiar landscape in the world.

Italian Allegria can organize for you excusive and luxurious trips and holidays in any of these places. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can offer you a unique and wonderful vacation, away from crowd and chaos, in the best hotels, restaurants and resorts, during any time of the year.

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