Italian Allegria at Food Zurich 2017 and our next cooking class

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Food Zurich Festival 2017 has been a blast, and for ten days in September the Swiss city became “the place to be” for foodie culture.

Italian Allegria contributed in many ways, always trying to mix Italian recipes with some of the best Swiss ingredients. Italian Allegria offered their clients many different events, ranging from street food to vegan dessert and from many recipes for risotto to a couple of “rent-a-chef” nights tailored on our customers’ tastes.

Italian Allegria brought street food to a new level with the best of fall ingredients in the “Sapori di Bosco” menu:

  • pumpkin and porcini cream,
  • Hazelnut pâté and Sous vide pork tenderloin with double malt beer sauce, carrots cream and herbs.

We then moved on to revisit the art of sandwich. Our cheef  created some really tasty and unusual combinations:

  • toasted rye bread, roasted peppers, Sbrinz, apple and lettuce;
  • coal bread, with spinach, tomato, pesto and Gruyère DOP;
  • bretzel sandwich, dill flavored butter, pike, champignon and lemon;
  • black bread, E.V.O., figs, Vacherin Mont-d’Or DOP and Alpine flowers…

All these recipes had been a great success and the sign that, if made with the right cure and ingredients, sandwiches can be a real winner.

The last date with street food surprised everybody. Italian Allegria accepted an unusual challenge: a different risotto every 35 minutes. We won with a streak of incredible recipes:

risotto with mushrooms and goat cheese;

berries risotto with Tilsiter and drops of wine reduction;

risotto beans and sausage with light Swiss cheese fondue and finally a superlative strawberry risotto with seasoned Grana and white chocolate chips.

We then had a couple of rent-a-chef nights, two very special evening completely tailored on our customer tastes, with the fundamental collaboration of a great chef and an event designer who decorated the house to fit the menu.

Let’s end with our two intense and special cooking class, one focused on some innovative vegan desserts and the other exploring all the secrets of Rosso Pomodoro, the tomato, aka Red Emperor of the Mediterranean table.

Italian Allegria offered many different occasion to learn and taste some secrets of the Italian cuisine but we will not stop to this.
We are planning to create many more culinary events: stay tuned and check often our website for some news.

The next big appointment with Italian cuisine will be held on November 24th with a really special cooking class: our customers will learn all the secrets of making and cooking Italian pasta.

During the next few days, we will give you all the information about this new cooking class.

For more information on these and many other Italian Allegria’s offers, you can contact us at:

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