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Italy is always rich of suggestions and surprises and summertime, above all, is the best time to visit this country. However, summer is also the season when Italy is literally besieged by tourists, so it is difficult to find some exclusive places to spend some time in the cities, away from the mad crowd and chaos.

Nevertheless, here at Italian Allegria we know better. We can still spot many Italian cities and small town away from the usual routes, places where you will be able to experience the show of some traditional celebration, full of history, folklore and evocative sights. We have chosen four unique occasions, in different dates and Italian regions to offer you a unique overview of how sweet and fun summer in Italy can be.

Sagra di San Giovanni

One of the top events of the summer on Lake Como, the celebration of St. John is attended by many people between Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of June. This festival is almost six centuries old and commemorates the devastation of the only island of the lake, on June 24, 1169, by Barbarossa. Since then, every year, there is a celebration in memory of those events.

You must not miss the emotional night show given by this zone of the Lake Como, fully illuminated by thousands of lamps and candles placed on boats, houses and beaches, followed by spectacular fireworks. The day after, on Sunday, you will witness a wonderful procession of decorated boats, carried by boatmen in traditional clothes. After that, it will be the right time for the traditional lunch at the Inn on the Island.

Festa dei Gigli

Let us meet at Nola, near Naples, on June 25 for this historical anniversary that celebrates the return of St. Paolino in the city, after being held captive by barbarian tribes.

Legend has it that in 431 the city welcomed the bishop Paolino with lilies when he returned, and that the Nolani escorted him to the bishop’s seat at the head of the gonfalons of the arts and crafts corporations. Since then, Nola recreated this procession.

These wooden constructions, called Lilies, assumed in the 1800s the current height of 25 meters with a cubic base of three meters each side, for a total weight of over twenty-five quintals. In addition to the Lilies, a similar but lower structure is also built with a boat placed on top with reference to the one reported by San Paolino to Nola.

Watching this parade is a unique show that you must experience and, after the procession, it’ time to eat, drink and celebrate in one of the most beautiful small town of Italy!

Festa del Redentore

The great celebration of Redemptor awaits you in Venice on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of July, and it is better to organize and book early!

Exclusive water festivals or parties in elegant palaces in the historic center will be held for this 400 years old event. Dances and celebrations of all kind go on until dawn, allowing a break at 23.30 to enjoy the pyrotechnic show that enchants the whole world and is the most anticipated moment of the whole weekend! About 40 minutes of pure fireworks magic will illuminate the whole city in a show that you will never forget.

Venice is a magical and romantic place every day of the year, but this is a unique occasion to experience all its beauty.

La Barcolana

Barcolana is a historic international sailing regatta that takes place each year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October, so this year it will be held on the 8th of the month. It is one of the world’s most crowded regattas and a unique event on the international sailing panorama: simple enthusiasts can compete with professionals on boats of various sizes.

Born in 1969, this regatta takes place on a 15-mile-high-voyage and approximately 25,000 yachts take part every year, while the public reach easily more than 250,000 people, who follow the race both from the Trieste seafront and from the Carso’s hills.

This regatta it is not the only show in town: in those days the city of Trieste will be full of events and parties and it is a unique moment to visit such a beautiful city, rich in history and full of the melancholic charm of all the Middle-European cities.

Italian Allegria can help you organize a holiday in all these cities during these special events: we can find you the best hotels or villas and book the right places to enjoy all the shows and celebrations.

Let your imagination fly and come visit some of the best Italian town in their entire summer splendor: feel all the magic of these unique and historical celebrations for an exclusive holiday you will never forget.

Please contact us at: info@italianallegria.com.

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