Food Zurich Festival 2017: the secret of flavor’s triumph is in the quality of ingredients

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A few weeks after the great success of the Food Zurich Festival, Italian Allegria draws the sum of its participation at the Festival and start planning and announcing the next culinary events.

Food Zurich Festival has been held from September 7 to 17th, and more than 100 events made the Swiss city into the world’s cooking capital for ten days.

Italian Allegria contributed significantly to the Festival, organizing eight events ranging from street food, both vegetarian and vegan, to engaging evenings such as rice dinners, cooking classes and rent-a-chef exclusive dinners.

All of the appointments had great feed back from our visitors. As always success is a sum of many factors, starting from Italian Allegria’s organizational skills to the great competence of our chefs; from the enthusiasm and curiosity of the participants to the extreme quality of the ingredients we used.

So let’s get to know a little better some of the “protagonists” of these culinary triumphs, in order to offer you the opportunity to discover top quality brands that you can use to cook at home.

Carnaroli rice by Boni
Our evening “Raclette Risotto” has been really wonderful thanks to the extraordinary quality of “carnaroli rice” provided by Boni. Scarce use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; alongside with earth’s fertility; the cure in the seeds selection and a long agricultural tradition guarantee the highest quality in taste without losing the best nutritional characteristics.

These features make Riso Boni a product whose quality is guaranteed and recognized by the important Ente Risi italiano.

Cantine San Marzano
Let’s talk now about the enthusiasm around wines from Cantine San Marzano. The brand was founded  in 1962 and today quality is the result of fusion of tradition, passion and sensitivity with modern techniques. That’s how a great character wine born. The Cantine San Marzano wines have seduced those who attended our cooking classes and also the guests who chose the two exclussive rent-a-chef evenings.

EVO Bitonti oil
Last but not least, Bitonti oil, which comes from centuries-old plants in the territory of Caccuri, Calabria. Since 1885 the traditional, wild and old varieties of Pennulara and Carolea olives have been transformed into some magnificent oils.
Olives are harvested by hand, selected and “cold pressed”. The result is a pleasantly fruity, harmonious and slightly spicy oil with typical features of the region. EVO Bitonti oils gave special taste to many of the dishes prepared during our eight events and, in its lemon and chili pepper flavored versions, has enhanced our gourmet sandwiches in the Vegetarian Bites event.

You will be able to meet again some of these great products, alongside many others, in our upcoming culinary meetings. The imminent one is a cooking class Italian Allegria will held on November 24. During that class we will unveil all the secrets of the art of Italian pasta.
Stay tuned because we will soon get you to know more about this cooking class!

For more information on these and many other Italian Allegria’s offers, you can contact us at:

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