Christmas: let’s make it magic!

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Here at Italian Allegria we like to be ready with the due advance and we already began to work for Christmas and anything related to home decorations, preparation of both the table and the reception towards the guests.

Thinking about Christmas and decorations may seem simple and many people don’t want to think about it ‘till it’s almost too late, with the result of having to prepare in a hurry, with poor results and high cost.
Italian Allegria start working on Christmas just in…January! Frankfurt is hosting the biggest European exhibition and we are regular and passionate customers, in order to pick the best and newest materials and trends. Then we apply our Italian sense of style, as always tailored made on our customers just to make their Christmas as special as they are.

In the next few weeks, Italian Allegria will offer you an exclusive set of workshops and tips on how to prepare your home for Christmas, regarding both the interior and exterior.

The Christmas tree decorations obviously play a central role and we will present you different solutions for any kind of tree, from small ones to really big ones, helping you to decorate it while keeping in mind the mood of the room that will house it.

The Christmas tree is the heart of this holiday, but it is also only the starting point from which we start to think to all the other decorations of the house.

The key element is the coordination of the various Christmas decorations in the rooms. The whole home has to reverberate the idea of  Christmas: this is why it becomes important to study decorations suitable for all common areas of your home, starting from he entrance door and including the fireplace and staircase.

Italian Allegria will not only help in decorating the interior we also can offer the newest outdoor deco solutions!
The outside deserves a lot of attention: it is the business card with which you present your home and it’s important to balance things so you will be noticed in the right way.

Next workshop

Christmas decorations

9th Nov. Make your own Xmas wreath

10th Nov.
Xmas tree and tea
You can also order a privat Xmas tree and tea at your home with your friends

11th Dec.
Xmas Vintage apero, meet your friend for seasonal greetings before vacations, exchange gifts and but last ones from a special selection of Vintage articles from Milano

18th Dec.
Xmas apero, want to have a toast with your friends but have no time to prepare it? Just Join us!

After having adorned both the interior and exterior and having carefully prepared the tree, we will have to focus on the Christmas party, which can be one or more than one, according to your plans. Here too, Italian Allegria can organize successful party that will be the talk of the town for a long time.

Our Christmas preparation trip will finally reach the most magical moment of all: the preparation of the Christmas table, with the best possible mise en place. Italian Allegria will suggest you how to decorate the table starting from the materials you have available and from your ideas, while keeping in mind all the best fashion trends of recent times.

Stay tuned because, with Italian Allegria, Christmas 2017 will be really magic!

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